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Hailun Town, A division of Hailun City,Heilongjiang Province

In Chinese: 海伦镇
Here is the seat of Hailun City
In Pinyin: Hǎi Lún Nóng Cháng ;
Administrative Division Code : 231283100;
Post Code : 152000;
Calling Code : 0455
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 黑M
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 231283
Area Coverage: 15 square kilometers;
Population : 110,000 persons ;

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Tielu Community 铁路社区 Tiě Lù Shè Qū Community
Huayuan Community 花园社区 Huā Yuán Shè Qū Community
Jianshe Community 建设社区 Jiàn Shè Shè Qū Community
Baiye Community 百业社区 Bǎi Yè Shè Qū Community
Guangming Community 光明社区 Guāng Míng Shè Qū Community
Anquan Community 安全社区 ān Quán Shè Qū Community
Xiangyang Community 向阳社区 Xiàng Yáng Shè Qū Community
Baihua Community 百花社区 Bǎi Huā Shè Qū Community
Xicheng Community 西城社区 Xī Chéng Shè Qū Community
Tongda Community 通达社区 Tōng Dá Shè Qū Community
Leiyan Community 雷炎社区 Léi Yán Shè Qū Community
Xingsheng Community 兴盛社区 Xīng Shèng Shè Qū Community
Fuqiang Community 富强社区 Fù Qiáng Shè Qū Community
Wenming Community 文明社区 Wén Míng Shè Qū Community
Haifu Community 海福社区 Hǎi Fú Shè Qū Community
Xuefu Community 学府社区 Xué Fǔ Shè Qū Community
Hongqi Community 红旗社区 Hóng Qí Shè Qū Community
Minle Community 民乐社区 Mín Lè Shè Qū Community
Dong′an Community 东安社区 Dōng ān Shè Qū Community
Jinsui Community 金穗社区 Jīn Suì Shè Qū Community
Jiancheng Village 建城村 Jiàn Chéng Cūn Village
Hucheng Village 护城村 Hù Chéng Cūn Village
Liancheng Village 连城村 Lián Chéng Cūn Village
Hailun Changzhi Community 海伦场直社区 Hǎi Lún Chǎng Zhí Shè Qū Community
Beihe Management Zone 北河管理区 Běi Hé Guǎn Lǐ Qū Management Zone
Liujing Management Zone 六井管理区 Lìu Jǐng Guǎn Lǐ Qū Management Zone
Erzhan Management Zone 二站管理区 èr Zhàn Guǎn Lǐ Qū Management Zone
Huashu Management Zone 桦树管理区 Huà Shù Guǎn Lǐ Qū Management Zone
Hailun er Grain Seeds Farm Virtual Residential Quarter 海伦二粮种场虚拟生活区 Hǎi Lún èr Liáng Zhǒng Chǎng Xū Nǐ Shēng Huó Qū Virtual Residential Quarter
Hailun Livestock Breeding Farm Virtual Residential Quarter 海伦种畜场虚拟生活区 Hǎi Lún Zhǒng Chù Chǎng Xū Nǐ Shēng Huó Qū Virtual Residential Quarter
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Haibei Town [in Chinese] 海北镇
Lunhe Town [in Chinese] 伦河镇
Gonghe Town [in Chinese] 共合镇
Haixing Town [in Chinese] 海兴镇
Xiangfu Town [in Chinese] 祥富镇
Dongfeng Town [in Chinese] 东风镇
Qianjin Township [in Chinese] 前进乡
Xiangrong Township [in Chinese] 向荣乡
Changfa Township [in Chinese] 长发乡

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