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Anhai Town, A division of Jinjiang City,Fujian Province

In Chinese: 安海镇
In Pinyin: ān Hǎi Zhèn ;
Administrative Division Code : 350582101;
Post Code : 362000;
Calling Code : 0595
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 闽C
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 350582
Area Coverage: 67.7 square kilometers;
Population : 118,000 persons ;

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Xingsheng Community 兴胜社区 Xīng Shēng Shè Qū Community
Haidong Community 海东社区 Hǎi Dōng Shè Qū Community
Hongta Community 鸿塔社区 Hóng Tǎ Shè Qū Community
Fuxing Community 复兴社区 Fù Xīng Shè Qū Community
Dongli Community 东鲤社区 Dōng Lǐ Shè Qū Community
Xi′an Village 西安村 Xī ān Cūn Village
Xingcuo Village 型厝村 Xíng Cuò Cūn Village
Andong Village 安东村 ān Dōng Cūn Village
Qiancai Village 前蔡村 Qián Cài Cūn Village
Bingcuo Village 丙厝村 Bǐng Cuò Cūn Village
Wudai Village 梧埭村 Wú Dài Cūn Village
Kemu Village 可慕村 Kě Mù Cūn Village
Xishe Village 西畲村 Xī Shē Cūn Village
Ximen Village 西门村 Xī Mén Cūn Village
Wushan Village 梧山村 Wú Shān Cūn Village
Shandou Village 山兜村 Shān Dōu Cūn Village
Qiaotou Village 桥头村 Qiáo Tóu Cūn Village
Junbing Village 菌柄村 Jūn Bǐng Cūn Village
Shang′an Village 上安村 Shàng ān Cūn Village
Shetan Village 社坛村 Shè Tán Cūn Village
Batou Village 坝头村 Bà Tóu Cūn Village
Chidian Village 赤店村 Chì Diàn Cūn Village
Qianhu Village 前湖村 Qián Hú Cūn Village
Xindian Village 新店村 Xīn Diàn Cūn Village
Kengbian Village 坑边村 Kēng Biān Cūn Village
Yaoqian Village 瑶前村 Yáo Qián Cūn Village
Qianlin Village 前林村 Qián Lín Cūn Village
Xiashanhou Village 下山后村 Xià Shān Hòu Cūn Village
Zhuangtou Village 庄头村 Zhuāng Tóu Cūn Village
Houcai Village 后蔡村 Hòu Cài Cūn Village
Shuihou Village 水后村 Shuǐ Hòu Cūn Village
Zengdai Village 曾埭村 Zēng Dài Cūn Village
Xibian Village 西边村 Xī Biān Cūn Village
Tonglin Village 桐林村 Tóng Lín Cūn Village
Qianpu Village 前埔村 Qián Pǔ Cūn Village
Anqian Village 庵前村 ān Qián Cūn Village
Renshou Village 仁寿村 Rén Shòu Cūn Village
Xixiliao Village 西溪寮村 Xī Xī Liáo Cūn Village
Waizeng Village 外曾村 Wài Zēng Cūn Village
Xiahong Village 下洪村 Xià Hóng Cūn Village
Houlin Village 后林村 Hòu Lín Cūn Village
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Qingyang Sub-District [in Chinese] 青阳街道
Meiling Sub-District [in Chinese] 梅岭街道
Luoshan Sub-District [in Chinese] 罗山街道
Xintang Sub-District [in Chinese] 新塘街道
Lingyuan Sub-District [in Chinese] 灵源街道
Cizao Town [in Chinese] 磁灶镇
Chendai Town [in Chinese] 陈埭镇
Dongshi Town [in Chinese] 东石镇
Shenhu Town [in Chinese] 深沪镇

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