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Wulie Town, A division of Dongtai City,Jiangsu Province

In Chinese: 五烈镇
In Pinyin: Wǔ Liè Zhèn ;
Administrative Division Code : 320981106;
Post Code : 224000;
Calling Code : 0515
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 苏J
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 320981
Area Coverage: 47 square kilometers;
Population : 36,000 persons ;

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Tangjie Neighborhood 唐介居委会 Táng Jiè Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Leyi Neighborhood 乐意居委会 Lè Yì Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Xijiao Neighborhood 西郊居委会 Xī Jiāo Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Sancao Neighborhood 三曹居委会 Sān Cáo Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Zhaduo Neighborhood 扎垛居委会 Zhā Duǒ Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Zhengjie Neighborhood 郑介居委会 Zhèng Jiè Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Zhenzhong Neighborhood 镇中居委会 Zhèn Zhōng Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Choujiabu Neighborhood 仇家堡居委会 Chóu Jiā Bǔ Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Hujiabu Neighborhood 胡家堡居委会 Hú Jiā Bǔ Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Qiliu Village 祁刘村委会 Qí Líu Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Sanlian Village 三联村委会 Sān Lián Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Wenhua Village 文华村委会 Wén Huā Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Xiezhuang Village 谢庄村委会 Xiè Zhuāng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Shahe Village 沙河村委会 Shā Hé Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Zhennan Village 镇南村委会 Zhèn Nán Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Datong Village 大同村委会 Dà Tóng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Gangang Village 甘港村委会 Gān Gǎng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Dingbei Village 丁北村委会 Dīng Běi Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Xuegang Village 薛岗村委会 Xuē Gǎng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Jinan Village 计南村委会 Jì Nán Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Dongli Village 东里村委会 Dōng Lǐ Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Zhangduo Village 张垛村委会 Zhāng Duǒ Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Guogu Village 郭古村委会 Guō Gǔ Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Zhangyue Village 张岳村委会 Zhāng Yuè Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Jinglou Village 景娄村委会 Jǐng Lóu Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Xinglian Village 兴联村委会 Xīng Lián Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Chenan Village 车南村委会 Chē Nán Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Cilang Village 辞郎村委会 Cí Láng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Xianhe Village 仙河村委会 Xiān Hé Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Yinzhuang Village 殷庄村委会 Yīn Zhuāng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Moyun Village 摹云村委会 Mó Yún Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Sixin Village 四新村委会 Sì Xīn Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Shuangchao Village 双超村委会 Shuāng Chāo Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Zuze Village 祖泽村委会 Zǔ Zé Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Guangshan Village 广山村委会 Guǎng Shān Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Shuichanchang Residential Quarter 水产场生活区 Shuǐ Chǎn Chǎng Shēng Huó Qū Residential Quarter
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Qindong Town [in Chinese] 溱东镇
Shiyan Town [in Chinese] 时堰镇
Liangduo Town [in Chinese] 梁垛镇
Anfeng Town [in Chinese] 安丰镇
Nanshenzao Town [in Chinese] 南沈灶镇
Fu′an Town [in Chinese] 富安镇
Tangyang Town [in Chinese] 唐洋镇
Xinjie Town [in Chinese] 新街镇
Xuhe Town [in Chinese] 许河镇

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