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Longhu Town, A division of Jinjiang City,Fujian Province

In Chinese: 龙湖镇
In Pinyin: Lóng Hú Zhèn ;
Administrative Division Code : 350582110;
Post Code : 362000;
Calling Code : 0595
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 闽C
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 350582
Area Coverage: 63.9 square kilometers;

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Xinfeng Village 新峰村 Xīn Fēng Cūn Village
Houxi Village 后溪村 Hòu Xī Cūn Village
Neikeng Village 内坑村 Nèi Kēng Cūn Village
Wukeng Village 梧坑村 Wú Kēng Cūn Village
Xiushan Village 秀山村 Xìu Shān Cūn Village
Xinjie Village 新街村 Xīn Jiē Cūn Village
Ganbing Village 杆柄村 Gān Bǐng Cūn Village
Yakou Village 衙口村 Yá Kǒu Cūn Village
Nanxun Village 南浔村 Nán Xún Cūn Village
Xikeng Village 锡坑村 Xī Kēng Cūn Village
Fenglin Village 枫林村 Fēng Lín Cūn Village
Houzhai Village 后宅村 Hòu Zhái Cūn Village
Wucuo Village 吴厝村 Wú Cuò Cūn Village
Hubei Village 湖北村 Hú Běi Cūn Village
Qiangang Village 前港村 Qián Gǎng Cūn Village
Longyuan Village 龙园村 Lóng Yuán Cūn Village
Guhu Village 古湖村 Gǔ Hú Cūn Village
Xihou Village 溪后村 Xī Hòu Cūn Village
Shaohui Village 烧灰村 Shāo Huī Cūn Village
Shixia Village 石厦村 Shí Shà Cūn Village
Nanzhuang Village 南庄村 Nán Zhuāng Cūn Village
Hongxi Village 洪溪村 Hóng Xī Cūn Village
Chaocuo Village 钞厝村 Chāo Cuò Cūn Village
Fulin Village 福林村 Fú Lín Cūn Village
Xiwu Village 西吴村 Xī Wú Cūn Village
Chendian Village 陈店村 Chén Diàn Cūn Village
Putou Village 埔头村 Pǔ Tóu Cūn Village
Ludong Village 鲁东村 Lǔ Dōng Cūn Village
Zengcuo Village 曾厝村 Zēng Cuò Cūn Village
Xiqian Village 溪前村 Xī Qián Cūn Village
Longyu Village 龙玉村 Lóng Yù Cūn Village
Houkeng Village 后坑村 Hòu Kēng Cūn Village
Yaocuo Village 瑶厝村 Yáo Cuò Cūn Village
Pujin Village 埔锦村 Pǔ Jǐn Cūn Village
Lunshang Village 仑上村 Lún Shàng Cūn Village
Shigui Village 石龟村 Shí Guī Cūn Village
Sukeng Village 苏坑村 Sū Kēng Cūn Village
Daitou Village 埭头村 Dài Tóu Cūn Village
Guying Village 古盈村 Gǔ Yíng Cūn Village
Kengwei Village 坑尾村 Kēng Wěi Cūn Village
Hangbian Village 杭边村 Háng Biān Cūn Village
Longpu Village 龙埔村 Lóng Pǔ Cūn Village
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Qingyang Sub-District [in Chinese] 青阳街道
Meiling Sub-District [in Chinese] 梅岭街道
Luoshan Sub-District [in Chinese] 罗山街道
Xintang Sub-District [in Chinese] 新塘街道
Lingyuan Sub-District [in Chinese] 灵源街道
Anhai Town [in Chinese] 安海镇
Cizao Town [in Chinese] 磁灶镇
Chendai Town [in Chinese] 陈埭镇
Dongshi Town [in Chinese] 东石镇

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