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Anfeng Township, A division of rural area of Anyang County,Henan Province

In Chinese: 安丰乡
In Pinyin: ān Fēng Xiāng ;
Administrative Division Code : 410522210;
Post Code : 455000;
Calling Code : 0372
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 豫E
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 410522
Area Coverage: 79 square kilometers;

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Guojiatun Village 郭家屯村 Guō Jiā Tún Cūn Village
Dafu Village 大夫村 Dà Fū Cūn Village
Taipingdian Village 太平店村 Tài Píng Diàn Cūn Village
Muchangtun Village 木厂屯村 Mù Chǎng Tún Cūn Village
Nanfeng Village 南丰村 Nán Fēng Cūn Village
Beifeng Village 北丰村 Běi Fēng Cūn Village
Jizhuang Village 吉庄村 Jí Zhuāng Cūn Village
Shijiahe Village 施家河村 Shī Jiā Hé Cūn Village
Zhaocun Village 赵村 Zhào Cūn Village
Gu′an Village 固岸村 Gù àn Cūn Village
Ximazhuang Village 西马庄村 Xī Mǎ Zhuāng Cūn Village
Cuizhuang Village 崔庄村 Cuī Zhuāng Cūn Village
Beilizhuang Village 北李庄村 Běi Lǐ Zhuāng Cūn Village
Houjingqu Village 后净渠村 Hòu Jìng Qú Cūn Village
Qianjingqu Village 前净渠村 Qián Jìng Qú Cūn Village
Dongdaotian Village 东稻田村 Dōng Dào Tián Cūn Village
Qiandaotian Village 前稻田村 Qián Dào Tián Cūn Village
Daliuzhuang Village 大刘庄村 Dà Líu Zhuāng Cūn Village
Honghe Village 洪河村 Hóng Hé Cūn Village
Zhangjiazhuang Village 张家庄村 Zhāng Jiā Zhuāng Cūn Village
Zhangxiantun Village 张显屯村 Zhāng Xiǎn Tún Cūn Village
Shaojiatun Village 邵家屯村 Shào Jiā Tún Cūn Village
Donggaoxue Village 东高穴村 Dōng Gāo Xué Cūn Village
Xigaoxue Village 西高穴村 Xī Gāo Xué Cūn Village
Houdaotian Village 后稻田村 Hòu Dào Tián Cūn Village
Yuyang Village 渔洋村 Yú Yáng Cūn Village
Liujiatun Village 刘家屯村 Líu Jiā Tún Cūn Village
Jinjiatun Village 靳家屯村 Jìn Jiā Tún Cūn Village
Zhaizhuang Village 翟庄村 Zhái Zhuāng Cūn Village
Caicun Village 蔡村 Cài Cūn Village
Fujiadong Village 付家洞村 Fù Jiā Dòng Cūn Village
Weijiadong Village 韦家洞村 Wéi Jiā Dòng Cūn Village
Gujiaju Village 谷家咀村 Gǔ Jiā Jǔ Cūn Village
Zhaojiayao Village 赵家窑村 Zhào Jiā Yáo Cūn Village
Lijiapo Village 李家坡村 Lǐ Jiā Pō Cūn Village
Hanjiazhai Village 韩家寨村 Hán Jiā Zhài Cūn Village
Dongtianzhu Village 东天助村 Dōng Tiān Zhù Cūn Village
Xiatianzhu Village 下天助村 Xià Tiān Zhù Cūn Village
Shangtianzhu Village 上天助村 Shàng Tiān Zhù Cūn Village
Zhangjia′ao Village 张家凹村 Zhāng Jiā āo Cūn Village
Linxianzhuang Village 林县庄村 Lín Xiàn Zhuāng Cūn Village
Yinglie Village 英烈村 Yīng Liè Cūn Village
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Shuiye Town [in Chinese] 水冶镇
Tongye Town [in Chinese] 铜冶镇
Shanying Town [in Chinese] 善应镇
Baizhuang Town [in Chinese] 柏庄镇
Baibi Town [in Chinese] 白壁镇
Qugou Town [in Chinese] 曲沟镇
Lvcun Town [in Chinese] 吕村镇
Lunzhang Town [in Chinese] 伦掌镇
Jiangcun Township [in Chinese] 蒋村乡

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