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Your Guide to China> Henan Province>Zhumadian Municipality>Zhengyang County (河南省正阳县)

Zhengyang County, A county-level division under the jurisdiction of Zhumadian Municipality on behalf of Henan Province

In Chinese: 正阳县 ; In Pinyin: Zhēng Yáng Xiàn
Administrative Division Code : 411724;
Post Code : 463600
Phone Area Code :0396
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 豫Q
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 411724
Area Coverage: 1904 square kilometers;
Population : 780,000 persons (by the end of 2010);
Seat of Government: Zhenyang Sub-District
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City Guide to Zhengyang: Restaurants, Hotels,Shopping, Hospitals ...

Tour Guide to Zhengyang: Streets and Roads

County Highway 014 G45 Daguang Expressw Township Highway 010
Township Highway 011 County Highway 006 Provincial Highway 2
Provincial Highway 3 Township Highway 004 Township Highway 007

County is at the third level in China's administrative divisional system. It's amongst the seven types of County level administrative divisions(县级行政区).
  • Counties (县 xiàn) ( Totally 1,461 across China)
  • Autonomous counties (自治县 zìzhìxiàn) (Totally 117 across China)
  • County-level cities(县级市 xiànjíshì) (Totally 370 across China)
  • Districts (市辖区 shìxiáqū) (Totally 853 across China)
  • Banners (旗 qí) (Totally 49 across China)
  • Autonomous banners (自治旗 zìzhìqí) (Totally 3 )
  • Forestry areas (林区 línqū) (1)
Subdivisions under its Jurisdiction
S/NFull NameIn Chinese In Pinyin
1Zhenyang Sub-District真阳街道
2Yongxing Town永兴镇
3Dalin Town大林镇
4Xiongzhai Town熊寨镇
5Dougou Town陡沟镇
6Tongzhong Town铜钟镇
7Runanbu Town汝南埠镇
8Handong Town寒冻镇
9Yuanzhai Township袁寨乡
10Fuzhai Township傅寨乡
Administrative divisions with the same English name in the People's Republic of China:

Zhengyang Sub-District [in Chinese: 正阳办事处]
Zhengyang District Sub-district [in Chinese: 正阳区办事处]
Zhengyang Sub-District [in Chinese: 正阳街道 ] ,located in Qianjiang District, Chongqing Municipality
Zhengyang Sub-District [in Chinese: 正阳街道 ] ,located in Weicheng District, Shaanxi Province
Zhengyang Sub-district [in Chinese: 正阳街道 ] ,located in Lanxi County, Heilongjiang Province
Zhengyang Sub-district [in Chinese: 正阳街道 ] ,located in Lvyuan District, Jilin Province
Zhengyang Sub-district [in Chinese: 正阳街道 ] ,located in Yushu City, Jilin Province
Zhengyang Sub-district [in Chinese: 正阳街道 ] ,located in Zalantun City, Inner Mongolia Region
Zhengyang Town [in Chinese: 正阳镇 ] ,located in Pingli County, Shaanxi Province
Zhengyang Forest Farm [in Chinese: 正阳林场 ] ,located in Sunwu County, Heilongjiang Province

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Map of Zhengyang County

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